Zaatar Cookies

Thyme and Cheese Sesame Cookies (Zaatar Cookies)

A wonderful recipe for a more healthful cookie that everyone will love round the clock! These delicious baked goods feature thyme, crumbled feta, sesame!

Open Faced Omelet with Grilled Cheese

Open Faced Omelet with Grilled White Cheese

A delicious, easy, and quick breakfast dish featuring eggs, milk, white salty cheese, and parsley. The taste of chopped parsley and the white cheese is out of this world.

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Chocolate Ganache Torte with Pecan Crust

Gluten free has never tasted better! Featuring a lightly toasted pecan crust, this dish is surprisingly easy to make. With just a few ingredients and little effort, you will produce a 5- star dessert in no time!

Sesame Anise Cake

A wonderful, aromatic, tasty, light, and simply delightful cake. Sesame seeds surround the cake from the outside, while anise flavor takes over inside.

Double Herb Roasted Turkey,Bread Stuffing, and Gravy

Double Herb Roasted Turkey featuring our special herbed butter mix and basic aromatic bread stuffing. This will be your winning recipe… Guaranteed!

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Fried Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce

You will love this cauliflower dish! The cauliflower is fried to perfection, sprinkled with cumin and served alongside Lemon Garlic Tahini Sauce. Yum!

Meat Chunks in Creamy Yogurt Sauce (Shakriyeh)

Chunks of tender lamb meat in a delicious creamy yogurt sauce with vermicelli rice, this is a family favorite!

Middle Eastern Spinach Pies (Fatayer Sabanekh)

Spinach never tasted so good. These spinach pies are a wonderful appetizer for any occasion.

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Chickpea Fatteh (Fattet Hummos)

This Middle Eastern chickpea recipe is wonderful for breakfast…

Pasta with Bechamel Sauce (white sauce)

This is a delicious pasta recipe that everybody loves; it is m…

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Having a balanced diet that will provide all the nutrition we need on a daily basis is a major challenge today, if not impossible. The very basic nutrient levels in our foods have greatly diminished due to over farmed soil and many other harmful techniques that have been adapted into our modern day life. We […]

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Turkey Sandwich with Roasted Red Bell Peppers

The Sandwich Solution

Feel like having a good, hearty sandwich for lunch or dinner but don’t know what to make? Not to worry! We have created some great sandwiches that you and your family can enjoy anytime. These sandwiches don’t take much time to prepare and are absolutely delicious. What’s more is these sandwiches are great if you […]

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Girl with Lunch Box

Tips For Packing A Healthy Lunch Box For Your Kids

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Date Bars (Ma’roota)

Amazing recipe especially if you like dates. See recipe details here.

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Refreshing and delicious salad made out of bulghar. Recipe details here.

authorBy Team


This salad is amazing especially with its dressing. Checkout the recipe details here while you watch the video.

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