A mom and house wife, who cooks with love and always ready to host any family members and friends♡♥♡♥. My passion for cooking started since childhood,when I used to help my late Grandma in the kitchen where she used to spend most of her time, even baked the most delicious bread ever. Then started learning many basics from my mom,and developing my skills by trying new recipes I get from either friends,neighbors,books,magazines,TV shows and of course the most widest source of info the Internet. Though I studied Pharmacy but my dream in life is to own a small cozy restaurant serving homemade meals and sweets cause I really think many people who live alone like students,elderly people or employees living away from home, lack the love and richness in fast or ready made food they usually eat. Hope everybody enjoys my recipes and find them easy,looking forward for your comments and feedback. Note: all cooking and photo shooting is done by me in my kitchen, I don’t copy or Photoshop anything unless in few cases where I do mention.

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