Products to Help You Pack School Lunches

Aside from a good lunchbox, you need just a few more items to make the most wonderful school lunches for your kids. Chances are you already have some or most of the items, but with the long list of things to do before school starts, we know how easy it is to forget a thing or two when you are shopping. To help you, we came up with a list of essential items / products that will facilitate packing a great lunch for your children. First, however, we have a couple of tips:

  1. Store all your lunch making supplies and packing items in one area in your kitchen; this way you don’t have to look all over your kitchen or open numerous drawers and cabinets for everything while preparing the meals.
  2. Get a good lunch box and water bottle that is appropriate for your kid’s age and easy to clean.
  3. Most importantly, buy only eco-friendly, reusable packing products.

Clever Lunch Packing Products:

Reusable Sandwich Bags (you can also use them for your veggie sticks, pretzels, or even baked goods like our Cheese Boats)

Sandwich Wrappers (great to wrap your pita or tortilla rolled sandwiches such as our Baked Falafel Sandwich)

A Thermos for leftovers (this will open the opportunity to non-sandwich lunches such as leftover Shepherds Pie, or Cannelloni, or Pumpkin with Tahini Sauce.)

Ice Packs (to keep the school lunch cool during the hot months)

Reusable Containers with lids (these will be so useful for salads such as Zesty Mexican Quinoa Salad, Beet Salad, or Chick Pea Salad. Plastic Containers are even great for your dips and for storing fruits and desert such as our kid approved homemade Date Bars.)

Reusable Utensils


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