Classic Chicken Caesar Salad

A wonderful recipe for an all time favorite classic salad featuring an authentic dressing with delicious flavors. You will not look for another recipe.

Papaya Shrimp Salad with Orange Vinaigrette

A colorful and delicious salad made from Papaya fruit, flavorful veggies, and shrimp and then dressed with refreshing Orange Vinaigrette dressing. Absolutely tasty!

Arugula Thyme Salad

A great refreshing green salad using Arugula and Thyme. Our Sumac Lemon Dressing makes this salad a bit hit. You simply cannot get enough!

Oriental Chicken Salad

A deliciously fresh chicken salad made with an oriental style dressing that is destined to become one of your favorite go to salads. Wonderful on its own or as an appetizer.

Zesty Mexican Quinoa Salad

An incredibly delicious Mexican inspired salad made from cooked Quinoa, fresh veggies, black beans, avocados, and cilantro lime dressing. Try it just once and you will agree that it indeed an incredible salad!

Beet Salad

A quick and delicious beet salad with just a few ingredients garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

Chick Pea Salad

Easy and tasty salad with an incredible dressing.

Pita Croutons

Fried pita bread pieces make amazing croutons! You can also bake them easily without any oil!

Yogurt Salad

A delicious combination of yogurt with dry mint, garlic and cucumber mixed together to create a wonderful sauce perfect with many dishes.

Tahini Salad for Fish (Saltit Tahini)

Great simple recipe that is a great sauce for your fish.


Tabouleh is a wonderful salad that is loved by many. Delicious and fresh ingredients are the key to this amazingly refreshing salad.

Potato Salad Middle Eastern way (Saltit Batata)

This is a nice side dish that you can add to any table. It is especially great if you are planning on having a barbecue.

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